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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 2, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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police say may have been set on purpose. by the time firefighters put out the flames and got inside it was already too late, the family of four did not survive their injuries, but it may not have been the flames that killed them. sara bloomquist is live with more on the victims and this investigation. >> reporter: the prosecutor said today that all the victims seemed to suffer injuries from before the blaze broke out. the autopsies on the couple and two young boys will be tomorrow but at this points it appears to be a murder-suicide. emergency responders arrived at midnight at the home in long branch, monmouth county, not far from the beach. firefighters had a difficult time getting inside and then they extinguished the flames and found all four victims, a couple
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and two young boys deceased. >> these four individuals are amanda morris, 29 years old. lyndon shane bahari 35 years old and brian 4 years old and brandon 7 years old. >> officials say that the flames ignited in more than one spot and did not appear to be accidental. prior to the fire neighbors said they heard loud noises coming from the home. >> like two big bangs, i wouldn'ted what happened. i thought someone was fighting so i ran outside and then a lady and two other gentlemen outside screaming, there are kids inside help help, get an ambulance. >> people say that bahari was originally from trinidad, those that knew them described them as
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happy and close and often saw the two children outside playing on their bikes. >> authority says this appears to be a murder-suicide. the motive remains a mystery. >> thank you. one philadelphia leader is sounding the alarm today about the impact the papal visit has on local businesses, most business owners don't have the information they need to make sure they are ready. john rawlins live at the basilica of saints peter and paul with more and how city hall is responding to it. >> that controller not complimentary on how the city originally spoke to and communicated with businesses and then an email about the use of private charter buses, hopefully it was thought they could move hundreds of thousands of people by private buses now only a
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fraction of those numbers will be on buses. >> papal organizers predicted 4,000 to 5,000 buses, now the world family group announced 1100 buses registered by monday's deadline, with unsold rail passes and thousands of rooms remain up for grabs there is a growing sense that many folks are reluctant to commit to the long walks of the papal weekend, more news came from the city controller, he released this sufb an of anonymous hotels and restaurants, inside of the traffic box, poor communications from city hall and 38% said they were not provided information on how to plan and the big issue is
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uncertainty, will there be trash pickup or food deliveries to restaurants. >> there has to be clear instructions for how these supplies will be delivered. >> john jones, owns the wrap shack, the last delivery is the wednesday before the pope arrives and is keeping his fingers crossed he will be able to make due. >> we'll fill up every refrigerator we can if we run out we run out. >> mr. hockfield says that the biggest issue is getting fresh produce, like tomatoes and lettuce. player nutter not happy with this controllers report, he says they have helped over is hundred business there's and is working on a trash pickup plan which it will unveil next week. john rawlins, channel 6 "action
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news." >> all right john thank you. you can keep up with all the latest on the plans for pope francis with our special twitter account, follow at 6 abc pope. now a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, is standing by live on city avenue where the sun is shining brightly. >> that it is, we have hazy sunshine and hot but not oppressively humid at least in the city, points northwestward and our heat wave starts on monday and 95 yesterday and so far today 92 degrees. the present numbers at the shore, the sea breeze moved in 79 at cape may and 84 in beach haven and 90s in wilmington and the lehigh valley, and close to that in lancaster and reading, where we have the 90s as opposed to the cooler air it's drier, we look at the dew points it's in the low 60s, it's slightly humid on i-95 north and west, where
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the sea breeze kicked in it's more humid and oppressive feeling at the shore, 72 in atlantic city and 74 in cape may. we are missing out on much needed rain and upper level energy diving in from the break and beens and thunderstorms will stay to the south and west, for close to 3 to 4 inches below normal over the last 60 days, we could have used it but it's just missing us. we'll have more in the full accuweather forecast. >> thanks adam. the hot weather did not stop huge crowds from packing the beach for the atlantic city air show, those that kept their eye on the sky, including an appearance from the navy's blue angels. annie mccomic is live. >> reporter: what heat? who can pay attention to that when they are watching the skies and the amazing air show.
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crowds are dispersing now, one of the biggest draws the blue angels. flying high, an f 42 over the ocean and the big highlight of the show, the blue angels and their first appearance since 2006. >> it's great to be up close, because it's frightening and exciting and i would never miss it. >> i get to see the planes do the back flips. >> i love the blue angels and last year the thunderbirds and the raptors, they were grounded and they brought it back. >> a half million spectators from brigantine to ocean city come back every year. >> i love military aircraft, it's a good opportunity to see them in action. >> the beach, the venue is what make its so unique, it's a free event and family event.
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and there is something really nice about being able to lay a blanket out and see a world class air show. >> because of today's soaring temperatures, many chose to watch next to the waves or in the water. >> it cools you off. >> even chopper 6 hd made an appearance, parachutes with the american flag grazed the sky. >> i always bring the american flag, i'm very proud to be in this country. >> this year did not disappoint as the nation's most elite pilots keep wowing the crowd. >> reporter: absolutely amazing show today, one disappointment, the golden knights had to cancel last minute because they had a tragedy in their chicago show and the army wants an investigation into that, some of the crowd is disappointed but they understood the situation.
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for now we are live in atlantic city, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an air of optimism for first day of school for one district despite clouds and uncertainty teachers welcomed students back to class here at upland high school, they voted to keep working even though the district said they would not be able to pay them next week. studentses praised the teachers for putting them first. >> these teachers are not getting paid but still teaching us. >> none of us are here to be millionaires, we have a purpose, a calling if you will. that hasn't changed. >> chester upland, says that the ongoing problems in harrisburg is causing the crisis and the cash flow is nearly nothing. >> back to school usually means
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traffic headaches on the road. >> i saw school buses on the road, it's a nice sight unless you are stuck behind one. >> did the traffic problems ever really go away? we'll have a busy school year, but the good news is, we are not quite as busy as yesterday on 95, a ride home yesterday, we are all trying to forget, no accidents and heavy northbound volume on cotman, the lanes are open this afternoon be a slow go with normal afternoon traffic. a left over from this morning, a truck overturned on the northbound northeast extension, 47 6 north of the quakertown inchange, they are out cleaning up and the activity is mostly confined to the shoulder and it's a slow go from the scene north of quakertown. in willis town, watch for a crash closing down goshen road
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and use route 3 as an alternate. in cinnaminson, a wreck at albany road, taking out both lanes northbound and one southbound, expect delays in both directions at 130, and delays on the a.c. expressway as people head home from the air show today. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. probably a good spot to steer clear of right now. we'll check it again brian and eva, coming up in the next half hour. >> still ahead here today, the massive manhunt, underway for the murder of a deliver. and john kerry makes his big pitch for the iran nuclear deal and before that he sat down with our matt o'donnell.
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president obama has the 34 senator votes to keep the iran nuclear deal intact. barbara mikulski of maryland was the vote they needed. john kerry made is clear it was a temporary fix. he was here this morning and in an exclusive interview with our morning anchor, matt o'donnell, he broke it down saying he knew there was a quarter million jewish people living in the philadelphia region many of whom may be skeptical of the deal. >> this agreement is not based on trust, it is not based on hope, it's based on a specific
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set of requirements that iran must live up to, it is our believe that this will make israel safer, it already has made israel safer, at no time is iran allowed to engage in weaponization activities and if they do start we'll know it, and we'll know is because of the level of intrusive inspection on their program. we are confident of that. >> we'll have more from matt's interview tonight right here on "action news" at 6:00 including the secretary of state's reaction to talk in washington of his potential run of president next year. find out what he had to say about that, and vernon odom was there for kerry's speech at the national constitution center. >> thanks alicia. authorities in illinois continue their manhunt for suspects in the killing of a police officer, law enforcement is patrolling a wider zone in
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and around fox lake, about 60 miles north of chicago, they are looking for three men wanted for yesterday's fatal shooting of lieutenant charles gliniewicz, he was shot while pursuing the suspects on foot. schools are closed today there out of concern for children's safety. the dow soaring today 293 points, it was down more than 400 points yesterday, the nasdaq up 114 points on the day and the s&p 500 up 35 points. >> keeping it interesting, students at a north philadelphia high school were recruited for paying jobs thank was signing day, 450 students found out which local company will mentor them. ceo's and executives announced the team's names and gave them company branded jerseys to mimic
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the nfl draft, each student will work one day a week and they will earn paychecks to help offset the cost of their education. season 21 of "dancing with the stars" is getting ready to hit is the dance floor in a week and a half. and now the big reveal of the star studded cast live from times square in new york. 13 celebrities will compete, a sneak peek on jimmy kimmel live, as gary bussie rode in on horse back, the academy award nominee the biggest name of the bunch, we'll let you decide. he is joined by r&b singer, tamar braxton and paula dean, and triple crown winning jockey,
4:19 pm
victor espinosa. and we heard that bindy erwin, and shockhaka khan. and rounding it out right here, and we love how news stories become contestants, one of the american heroes, alex sksrlatos is added to the cast. it starts here on september 13th, and 13 credit ib people. >> i'm guessing alex will be a favorite right out of the gate. >> and gary bussie. >> yes, he is fun. lets head over to adam joseph, we'll see if they have
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moves first. >> uh-oh, i'll move on. as we look at city avenue garden things are looking good, because we have irrigation out there, i'll tell you it would not be that lush looking, we have been so dry and the temperatures are running way above average, 92 outside of our studios and the dew point not too bad down to 62 with the wind from the south-southwestward mixing it so to speak. a drier heat as a posed to a humid heat. as we look at the current temperatures across the region, most areas that are at or around 90 degrees are from philadelphia points to the north and west and 80s and some 70s to the south and east because of the sea breeze that has pushed in however with the wind coming in off the water it's more humid at the shore and that is why we are evening out the heat indexes, 92
4:21 pm
in allentown un90 in atlantic city airport and 90 in millville. hotter north and west but more humid to the south and east. a few high clouds are streaming their way in southern parts of delaware and new jersey, and an eruption of thunderstorms to the south and west but they will not push to the north and east, but continue their journey south and east. >> take a look at this two month rainfall deficit for philadelphia, trenton and wilmington, 3.5 below the norm, atlantic city and allentown more in the way of pop-up showers or thunderstorms, they are only an inch or so below normal. as we look at rainfall chances, a 20% chance tomorrow, minimal and isolated. a little up there on friday at 30%, still scattered with a
4:22 pm
chance of a downpour or thunderstorm, and then as we get into labor day weekend, it's a good thing we'll see 0% chance of rain over the holiday weekend but we desperately need the rain, 70s at the shore and warm and humid and watch for the fog to develop like this morning. 95 and hot and hazy sun and a drier heat in the afternoon like today. humid on friday, there could be a stray thunderstorm, and 86 degrees as the cold front passes through and then we get into the weekend and gorgeous on saturday, with wall-to-wall sunshine and we get a break in the heat wave on friday and saturday and then back to 90 degrees sunny and warmer and still low humidity, with hardly a cloud in the sky, we talk about heat wave number 6 on the way. >> it's september. >> should be. >> thank you adam. up next a big donation brings hundreds of thousands of dollars
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from our delaware newsroom we are still waiting to hear the name of the man that died after being hit by a car in newcastle, the victim was hit about 9:30 p.m., medics rushed him to christiana hospital and he died there a short time later, the driver did stop and police have not filed charges. camden city school district teachers received welcome news when they returned from the first day of training today. they revealed up to a half
4:27 pm
million dollars worth of resources are coming to camden classrooms, $250,000 is a gift from john langdon. still ahead, the only thing that standards between you and your cardio workout is your blowout, how doctors are using botox to keep hair looking fresh. >> plus, we have tips to turn that toy box into your own personal bank. the experts show us which childhood favorites could make you lots of money and which toys you should start investing in right now. good intentions. is paved with
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mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong?
4:29 pm
and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down. "action news" tips, 4:30 now and a delaware county nurse was allegedly allowed to steal thousands from a dying man. >> and philadelphia gets some unwanted attention after a fan beams one of the biggest pop stars in the world with a can of red bulk what harry stiles has to say about the concert crossfire straight ahead. and this couple may look blissfully happy and they are but not for the reason you are thinking. they just got divorced and now more and more ex's are taking more and more selfies coming up.
4:30 pm
a man is behind bars accused of stealing from local military members and their families. the alleged uso charity jar thief was arrested after they released this crystal clear photo this morning. for more on the arrest and crime, we turn to walter perez live outside of the police station. >> the arrest was made a few hours ago and authorities say it was tip calls they received from the public to find the person allegedly responsible for this terrible crime. >> he was arrested for allegedly stealing a donation box inside of a wawa in glenolden, the money was earmarked for the uso, it's disheartening for a charity like uso to have someone come in and remove the money. >> jay kelly says that finding the suspect did not take wrong because of the string of surveillance cameras capturing
4:31 pm
clear images of the thief slowly making his way toward the uso container last week. >> he just picked the box up and literally walked out the store with it. >> the container was found a few blocks away on mcdade boulevard empty and shattered in pieces, once these photos were posted on tv and social media, police received several tip calls and today they moved in to make the arrest. it's a sad story and really a sign of the times. >> it's for charity, why take it. it's for people that need it and you come in and take it. it's ridiculous. >> people are desperate and the morality is lowered for one reason or another. i think it's a shame. >> now he has been formerly charge with theft and released
4:32 pm
on his own recognizance, his next hearing all of this for a container with less than $50 inside. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you walter. authorities in delaware county say that a home care nurse scammed a dying man out of tens of thousands of dollars, melissa deal is accused of financially exploiting her terminally ill cancer person to the tune of $88,000. the woman was hired to care for the man before his death in 2013 and deal assumed the role of power of attorney and declaring herself his beneficiary and she wrote 28 checks to herself or her husband, she is facing a number of felony charges including theft by did he ception. the office of attorney general found that the fatal shooting two years ago was
4:33 pm
justified. it happened on hobart avenue, detectives were escorting a woman back to her home after a domestic violence incident and her boyfriend walked out of the home and started shooting, the detectives were wounded and one fired back and killed mcneil, they said they used an acceptable level of force to protect their lives. just when should the name of police officers involved in shootings be released that is a question that will soon be made to lawmakers in harrisburg. >> there is a push to protect the names of police officers involved in shootings while on tv. >> you look last week and see what happened in texas and chicago yesterday, we are not asking to reinvent the wheel in this legislation, we are asking
4:34 pm
for fairness. >> i am introducing legislation to fix the broken system, that for too long left our officers and families in a vulnerable position, they wait until the investigation is complete or the officer is charged. >> in today's technology, to google someone's name and find out where they live is absurd. >> i they they will delaying the release until the investigation is concluded this rush to judgment and this lynch mob mentality has to be stopped. >> brandon tate brown was killed in a traffic stop, police released the names in june and both were later cleared in the case and now tate brown's family is suing the city and they said it's an outrageous proposal and goes against the justice department's call for transparency in shootings.
4:35 pm
>> the office changed their policy following justice department recommendation and releasing names of officers within 72 hours unless there is a threat against an officer and their family. >> you can't shoot someone and expect to remain anonymous. >> i have no plans on changing anything at this point in time. >> this bill is garnering bipartisan support in harrisburg, 41 legislators have signed on to cosponsor this bill. >> we'll continue to follow that thank you. >> a high end restaurant is coming to sugarhouse casino in fishtown, steakhouse icon, gibson, will open hugo's frog bar at the gamble hall. to feast on prime an gus beef aged for 50 days.
4:36 pm
the sugarhouse casino is june going a $50 million expansion. one direction's harry stiles probably enjoyed his pizza in villanova but not at the linc. during the concert, stiles was hit in the head with a can of red bull, twitter user up loaded the clip showing the musician getting hit and clutching his head in pain. in a tweet today stiles' mom confirm that her son was not hurt, she would love it if fans would not throwing things at my boy. >> any mom. manners people manners! >> no one should be doing that. >> no. any way. we move on to the heat. everyone is on edge these days, okay when are we getting rain or a break and make it feel more typical for this time of year.
4:37 pm
not any time soon. as we take a look now live on sky 6, center city skyline the haze is in the air, 92 degrees and the dew point is on the lower side at 62, just slightly humid and not humid enough to create a heat index, that is the same as the air temperature and so far today 90s for the lehigh valley and wilmington and other areas close to it frl reading to lancaster, and wildwood a bit of a break at 84, we'll do it again tomorrow with temperatures in the 90s, and another air quality alert and ozone action day, that means it's unhealthy for the sensitive groups, those that have respiratory issues are on the high side for your thursday, we are tracking a brief break in the 90s in that seven-day forecast, before they return, we'll have the numbers that go down and go back up in the seven day in just a little bit. >> enjoy the break, thanks adam. you may or may not heard of
4:38 pm
a burpee it's an exercise that works the whole body and one man is attempting to break the world record. monica malpass is in the newsroom. who wants to do a bunch of burpees. >> this world record attempt was done in reno nevada, they are hard to do, check this out. mark is a personal trainer and does them as part of his own and his clientses normal routine and tried to break the report in a 12 and 24 hour period, two different attempts, we'll tell you if he completed this difficult task and how he came up with the idea in the first place. we'll also take you to a special event in pottstown where world war ii veterans were honored. a touching is receive moany there. see you then. get down and do those burpies.
4:39 pm
zbll thanks very much. see you at 5:00. could your kid's toy box be more of a treasure chest, some toys bring in hundreds and even thousands of dollars. plus that weekly blowout may mean skipping the cardio workout. we have blow tox, we'll tell you how it works and if it's safe coming up. and the post breakup phenomenal monburning up the internet, why former couples are smiling for a selfie after they sign divorce papers. >> adam joseph returned with the full forecast from accuweather.
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penniless. the bartendered at this bar in takoma, asked for bills and when he turned around he pulled out a gun and demanded all the cash in the register, before leaving he left 50 cents on the bar for a tip. >> i think i'll frame those lucky quarters. >> now police say that the man is growing more bold with each crime and may soon use his gun to shoot someone. >> health check at 4:00, in the decades botox has been in use, it has many uses but few compare with one causing an internet buzz, women are using it to save their pricey hair dos from workouts. they get the botox to reduce their sweating, it has a name, blow toxtreatments, it's
4:43 pm
probably not harmful but not great. if you decide to do this, you may just end up increasing your perspiration elsewhere. >> something to consider too. big talkers now and from a pregnant belly now to an ultra sound, they can make any woman look like she has a bun in the oven, police are now getting involved trying to hash out whether it's a crime to dupe people into thinking you are with child. fake a baby sells personalized gifts that make them panic, best gag gifts on earth, you get an ultra sound and if you want to double the reaction twins and present to whoever are you
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pulling a fast one on, these 3-d congrams and the belly have you to order by stage depending on how pregnants you want to look. actual baby not included. lets take a selfie, all smiles for these couples making these, divorce selfies, letting people know that breaking up is not always ugly, sharing a few final photo-ops together. the newman's facebook post is viral and the canadian couple so thrill that their 11 year union was over, they high fived and took a silly selfie showing they could still be a team even though they split. >> and these are the hansons, their capps, here is the most friendly, respectful and loving
4:45 pm
split imaginable. i'm sure not all divorces end like that. a tv anchor and a toy rodent and a multimillion-dollar lawsuit. a script star that woman there, harris faulkner, she is taking hazbro to court over this toy here, a toy hamster that shares her name and likeness also. harris faulkner the toy is part of the littlest pet shop line, and she is suing for damages and profits made from it, she says that the toy harms her professional creditability as a journalist and her lawyers say that beyond the name the rodent shares her high shape and skin color and makeup. and hasbro is not commenting on the litigation, some have funny names and this one has a real name. i think i would be flattered.
4:46 pm
>> don't see the resemblance in the slightest. >> and the name. a name you can't deny. >> lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman is in the traffic center now. >> we look at 95, i spoke to soon, last half hour i said just volume on northbound 95 and right after that a crash happened here in the work zone northbound by cotman, you just missed it and all three northbound lanes are open again and are you about three times what you should be on the northbound travel time from the vine up to woodhaven, before you gets there on the northbound side of 95 at broad street, watch for a broken down vehicle taking out the left lane and haverford township, a crash at township line road at grove place close to the high speed station, and buck county, one in morrisville near osbourne avenue and one in northampton near
4:47 pm
holland road and one in chester county at ridge view drive, normal westbound sluggishness on the 30 bypass and willistown township, goshen road is shut down for a crash and stay on route 3, in delco another night of dining under the stars means that state street will close. stay on baltimore to get around that. and glasgow, delaware, that is shut down, this afternoon watch for congestion on your detouring route. we'll check it again brian and eva coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> try not to jinx anymore traffic reports. >> adam is back with the accuweather forecast. consideration
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to meteorologist, adam joseph, if you like temperatures below 90, you have a brief window. >> on friday and saturday and that is it and we are back in the 90s for the second half of the weekend, sweaty september continues. as we look at the action cam out at valley forge national historical park, you can see the huts there, some of them look like they got a makeover, looking good with a few cumulous cloud as above. nothing going on, when you speak of any precipitation, and we have a very small chance of any kind of rain here at the end of the week, 91 in allentown unnear 90 in trenton and reading and chester and wilmington to philadelphia, as you head to the south and east, you see the arrows coming in from the southeasterly direction and sea breeze is in effect and down to 83 in beach haven, look at these numbers, right at 90 or above
4:51 pm
north and west, and mid to low 80s south and east and the heat index, numbers jump to near 90 at the shore because of the wind, it's more humid and it brings up the heat index. inland the humidity is lower and not much in the way of a heat index. the same at the air temperature. the eruption of showers and thunderstorms from pittsburgh to washington, some upper level energy and that will not puncture to the north and east during it's overnight hours tonight. so it's warm and humid and the fog develop as long the shore and pushes inland much like last night, 66 to 74 for your split in temperature, we are watching a back door cold front, coming in from the northeast, as opposed from our west to easterly direction, that most of our systems come in, it's hot and could be an isolated thunderstorm in the poconos or
4:52 pm
lehigh valley, on friday it's fronts slips through, a muggy feel, a muggy day, we break the heat wave and a shower or thunderstorm with that front. 75 the ocean temperature still very balmy as we look at the air temperature, 86 tomorrow with the afternoon sea breeze capping the temperatures below 90 but it will feel above 90. the exclusive accuweather forecast one final day of heat wave number five, 95, with a drier heat inland. and beautiful here on saturday, gorgeous low humidity and wall-to-wall sun at 85, and then the 90s are back again, heat wave number six looks to roll on in sunday, monday, tuesday, into wednesday, hot mildly humid with temperatures between 90 and 92 degrees and no big chance for a widespread rain over the next
4:53 pm
seven days and our deficit by then will be over four inches in philadelphia. >> we'll show you how to cash in on your kid's toys next. good intentions. is paved with
4:54 pm
mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted?
4:55 pm
senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down. there is money to be made from the nostalgia of your childhood and here is how. >> toys are better investment than the stock market because toys go up in value. >> he calls himself the toy hunter, he helped dave clear out his garage in new jersey, to help him find returns, anything
4:56 pm
having to do with star wars s. my little pony, beg oh, batman and the like. any franchise that has stood the test of time sells well. >> the jackpot, you have the beautiful disney figures, you bought them at the park? >> they are worth about $500, he said he will make $2,000 from his whole direction and toys in the box bring in bigger bucks and any franchise characters that have been retired. i'm thinking my new kids on the block dolls i'll make a fortune on this, i may not be here tomorrow. >> keep us posted alicia. coming up proof positive it's not whether you wean or lose it's how you play the game look at el paso's annual weiner dog
4:57 pm
race, one determined dog threw caution to the win and ran like the wind. he dodged the owner and players as he dashed around and took a tour of the ballpark, this zippy little pup was captured no word if he was honored with an honorable mention. on aagility and speed. >> ni. >> you learn something new every day. hope you join me with adam joseph for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. several vehicles are damaged by vandals in south jersey, people woke up to find their
5:00 pm
window smashed and most of the victims are young people. the big tory on "action news" is a vandalism investigation in gloucester township. no arrests are made some far but chad pradelli is outside of the police station with the full story for us. >> reporter: monica, gloucester township police says all four vehicles were damaged and it happened between 1:00 a.m. and day break and the victims want to know why. >> the whole seat was covered. the other seat was covered all in here. >> steve got into his car this morning and found his passenger side window busted out with this rock. >> i didn't notice the glass at first and then all of a sudden i look to my right and the window is gone. >> what is what neighbor dan was thinking when leaving for work and found his daughter's car with a smashed out window, police say that the vandal hit three cars on this


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